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Episode 79 – Stop Practicing! Just Train…Here’s How

Voice training is important and almost no singers do it as efficiently and effectively as they could.

My 30 years of experience training singers to be great tells me you may not be training effectively either. I certainly wasn’t!

I just know that singers are almost never taught how to train their voices.

That ends today!

In this episode I give you my 3 step framework for training your voice like an Olympian!

Oh yes, we’re all told to ‘practice’ but who actually wants to practice and who really knows how to anyway once you’re away from your teacher (if you have one).

That’s why this episode will change your singing almost immediately if you apply what you’ll discover here.

I love doing this and I look forward to hearing how this framework helps you reach your singing goals!

My gift to you is my Free Singing Accelerator Program.

3 Videos that will give you a way to maximize your voice and become the great singer you want to be.

Go here to get it:

Enjoy and take action,


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