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Episode 94 - Is Preparation Destroying Your Performance?

Is your preparation working for you or against?

Are you preparing to succeed or fail?

You may be doing all the 'right' things with your voice but if you miss this one little thing you may not get the results you want and deserve.

And preparation may backfire and sabotage your performance.

Listen and discover how one tweak in your preparation can yield amazing and positive results.

And I have a gift for you...

My Free Book! Get your FREE copy of my Fearless Singing book plus Bonus videos and discover how great singers are utilizing mindset, technique and performance to ensure they amaze their audiences and Sing Fearlessly!  

Fearless Singing will show you how to have a winners mindset, perform in an authentic, connected way which will give you confidence, stage presence and a technique that will guarantee great high notes, a dependable and powerful mix, strong belt, and overall vocal health.

You can read it in an hour and I'll even give you some great bonuses!

AND, If you want to be in an amazing community of wonderful singers and voice teachers who all share the common goal of wanting to sing fearlessly at their peak and help others do the same, then join my Fearless Singing FREE Facebook group now!


In today's episode I talk about the Power of a strong and supportive community.



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