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Episode 70 – Singing Lessons Series – How to Belt Correctly (Not what you think)

In this episode of the Inner Singer Podcast I go over that greatly misunderstood and mysterious thing – Belting!

Or, as I say in the title:

How to Belt Correctly!

And it may not be what you expect.

Besides breathing and support, this is probably the most widely misunderstood and incorrectly sung (and taught) singing concept.

Let’s clear it up now. (-:

This episode is a must listen for any singer, male or female, who is belting away…esp. if you’re unsure what belting is and are not sure if you’re doing it correctly.

And if you’d like my Free Singing Accelerator Video Series featuring The Magic of Vowels video I spoke of, you can get that here:

Thanks so much and all good things to you!


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