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Episode 72 – Singing Lessons Series – The most Important Thing For Singers

In episode 72 I address one of the most important thing for singers …and it’s hardly ever talked about.

As a matter of fact, I never hear anybody talk about it anymore!

And here it is:

Your vocal line.

And you have 2 of them.

The first one is the registers of the voice…they need to be “in line”.

The next, and this is the one I talk about today, is the vowels and sounds we sing with.

Now before you think you’ve heard all this stuff, stop! You may not have…at least not the way I explain it.

And, I give you plenty of examples and exercises to build a great vocal line fast.

I really hope you enjoy this one and get a ton of value out of it!

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Thanks so much and all good things to you!


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