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Episode 87 - Musical Force Damon Sharpe - How to Make it in the Music Business and Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

What can I say about a man I've known for about 30 years who's gone from an actor, dancer

and singer in a boy band to a major force in the Music Business?

Well, today Damon Sharpe is a Grammy and ASCAP award-winning producer, songwriter, DJ and recording artist.

Behind the scenes as a producer he's worked alongside Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, and Alesso and so many more....

But on a personal note I'm excited to say that Damon is also focusing on his own music, and his new record company BRAINJACK!

With more new unreleased music coming in 2023 the transition from “behind the scenes” to in front of them is continuing fast.

As an artist he has over 87 Million streams (at this writing it's almost 1 million a month) and growing fast, and as a Producer/Songwriter he has over 2 Billion streams!

On the DJ front, Damon has been playing live sets worldwide including EDC Vegas and SXSW!

I recommend you follow Damon everywhere and connect with him on social media!

He is a wealth of talent and information for those looking to make it in the music business! Or in life.😊

All his links are below!

Damon's Record Company: BRAINJACK MUSIC

Follow Damon on:

Here's the link to the 'High note/Fix your break' video I mention:


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