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Meet Mike


Hi, I'm Mike Goodrich...

I am the Creator and founder of The Inner Singer.

I've been helping Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Singers gain mastery with their voice for over 31 years!.

It's an amazing job and I love it!

I get to help singers reach their potential and then watch them go have wonderful careers!

And, I'm always amazed at how I got here and what I can now do with my voice!

But Things Were Not Always That Way...

When I run somebody’s voice through a specific vocalization regime it takes them into different areas of the voice they’ve never been in, different experiences they’ve never had and different parts of themselves they’ve never experienced. And that’s the most important point. Because if their inner subconscious belief about who they are isn’t consistent with the new vocal potential they’re experiencing – they won’t accept it. It’ll make them uncomfortable.

I can guide them into new heights of vocalism quickly but often I find:

  • They’ve been told (and believed) that they “can’t sing that way”, or

  • They’ve been nervous singing before, or

  • They’ve never experienced these great things about themselves, or

  • They’ve been embarrassed, self-conscious or humiliated.

In these kinds of cases, their inner belief about themselves, their subconscious belief doesn’t match with what they’re experiencing vocally, and so they’ll figure out a way to sabotage it. Or they just won’t do it. They won’t accept it.

I’ve noticed for many years how somebody will just go so far and not further. Or somebody keeps coming in with the same baggage. Or somebody gets so close but doesn’t get the major part. Or why somebody can come in every week and I can run their voice beautifully and show them what their potential is, but they can’t find that voice on their own and they can’t utilize it in song. They can’t use it in an audition or in a performance.


I’ve seen the mental blocks and I’ve seen many people reach their limitations. I’ve seen them come up to “this is what I believe about myself and I can’t take this any further.” And I was yearning to be able help these people. I thought, here I have the best vocal technique on the planet – I’m a very experienced teacher – but this isn’t about the voice!

This was always fascinating and frankly, sad to me – and I realized that something had to be done. So I did a tremendous amount of research on human potential, the latest brain research, learning strategies and techniques that have been used by the US Olympic Team and NASA, plus my own 30 plus years in spirituality and personal growth, and I took these and customized them and put them into a synergistic system called The Inner Singer. And the synergy between these protocals makes learning and progress unbelievably accelerated and predictable.

Over 30 years of experience as a voice teacher has given me the ability to run someone’s voice. (That’s actually not as far out as it sounds.) An analogy would be as if you had a plane but didn’t know how to fly it. The teacher would sit on the pilot’s side with the controls and would actually be flying the plane, and you’d be on the co-pilot side with the other controls in your hand and you’d have all the feelings, experiences and sensations of flying, but you wouldn’t really be flying the plane. The teacher would be in control. And that’s pretty much what I do with the voice.

Delight in the Discovery!

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