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Episode 66 – What are we Telling Ourselves?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Hey there! It’s been a long time since I did a podcast and it’s great to be back!

This episode was inspired by the silly (and sometimes, ignorant) things we all consciously and innocently tell ourselves.

What we say and think IS important.

When we fill our mind and our brain with beauty, possibility, joy and expansion – singing and life are more fun.

When we fill our mind and our brain with “junk”, we feel drained and hopeless…even if just a little bit.

Since I want only the best for you – listen now. And do the impromptu exercise!


The Inner Singer Podcast

Episode 66 – Transcripts

What are we Telling Ourselves?

You’re listening to episode number sixty-six.

Welcome to the Inner Singer Podcast, providing tools and techniques to strengthen your inner singer, your beliefs, your confidence, your mindset. And now, your host for the Inner Singer Podcast, Mike Goodrich.

Well, hey there everybody. This is Mike Goodrich and welcome to The Inner Singer Podcast. It has been a long time since I’ve done one of these because I’ve had no place to put it.

My websites disappeared. I don’t know if they got hacked or whatever. But anyway, not to belabor any of that stuff, but it was quite a party. I had no 40 of my podcast deleted, my website disappeared, The Inner Singer program disappeared. I was told that they were gone by the host which is BlueHost. And they said, “I don’t know it’s gone”.

BlueHost used to be wonderful. I’m not blaming BlueHost. But I’ve switched host. Now I got a

a beautiful gal who’s doing my website work so that’s very exciting. My website is back. My program is back. My podcasts are kind of back. I know how to do it and I just have to either do it myself or have somebody do it. Very laborious. But it will get done and they all exist.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. Thank you for your support. And thank you for those of you who, and probably many others I guess, who continued to listen to past episodes because they kept getting downloaded and all kinds of great things started happening even though I’m not sure the last time I did it. But it’s been a while.

Thank you so much. It’s great to be back. And this is the first one I’m recording in studio of a new home that we have – we moved and got a real fun room that’s outside. It’s a very big room actually. Very rustic and cool. It’s outside. It’s away from the house, which is fun. And yeah, wish you could see it. Well, maybe I’ll take juice. I’m going to be doing some videos here and like I say, it’s very rustic and feel like I’m out in the woods. It’s nice. It’s cool and rustic and fun.

But anyway, this is the first one I’m doing so if it sounds any different then its probably why I don’t have any sound proofing or anything like that. I’d prefer to do this kind of on the fly and have some fun. And so that was my chair squeaking and making noise. All very natural just to get it out there.

Anyway, you know, often times I will have ideas for podcast. I carry my iPhone around all the time. When I’m ready to go podcast, I listened to some of the ideas that I have. One of the ideas I had today was listed, I name these things on the fly.

Let me just see what I call it. I didn’t know what the heck to expect. Dumb things to say was the title. I must’ve title it probably when I was parked at a stoplight or something. Dumb things to say – what could I mean by that? Now, listen to it.

What it was were dumb things we say, actually. For lack of a better way to say it and things that we unconsciously say, things that we believe, things that we put on our refrigerator and think are funny and you don’t quite frankly in the right setting, they are funny.

The only problem is with some of these things, I’m going to read some of them to you. The only problem is our brain does not have a sense of humor. So any input that we put in, anything we put in, whether or not it said in humor or fun or whatever if it’s repeated a lot, or if it is a saying that is on a refrigerator or something like that, the brain starts to believe it. That could really work in our favor, as we know. But it can also really work against us, as we know.

The most famous one obviously, but everybody knows, his of course Murphy’s Law, right? And the various iterations of that are

If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong; or whatever can go wrong, will go wrong; or any number of ways to say that. My mom used to like to put that on a refrigerator. Everybody’s kind of laughing comment when something that we don’t desire happens. Like “Is that Murphy’s Law?” “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

I just want to warn you about that because our brain really doesn’t know that that’s funny. It really starts to believe that. The more we put that into our brain, the more our brain starts to try to get the outer to conform with what we believe on the inside, and tries to get the outer to conform with the inner. If we believe that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. That’s going to become our story. That’s going to become our wiring.

I’ve got another one I saw. I googled Murphy’s law because I want to come up with a few these. I couldn’t think of it on top of my head. One thing I thought of the top of my head is “all good things comes to an end.”. That sounds logical. It sounds realistic. It’s in a disguise of logic and realism, what have you. But when you take that at face value and you believe that, our brain can play a lot with that and can write a story about that. That doesn’t just mean that when you’re eating an ice cream cone, you’re going to finish it. So whoever came up with that might have innocently thought, Well, if you’re reading a good book, it’s going to end; if you’re watching a great movie, it’s going to end; if you’re eating an ice cream cone, it’s going to end. You’re going to be finished at some point with the ice cream cone.

Our brain doesn’t really get that. That it doesn’t get the logic of that. It only starts identifying with Wow, this is a really good thing; I wonder when this was going to end. You do that in relationships. We do it in parts. We do it in our voice. We do it with whatever, right? So that’s just another one.

Another one I came up with, I couldn’t believe, but with what does it says here. I’m going to pause this just so I can find. Because it cracked me up.

Here it is. It says, if at first you don’t succeed, destroy any evidence of your trying.

That’s not a great thing to be following in our lives, right? I would not be doing anything because a lot of things I do don’t work. So if I had that wired in, I had to destroy any evidence of my trying. The trying and not having it worked out, is a really awful thing. That’s not something that we want.

I actually have a few more here that are sort of not great. Now, let me see here. I’m just getting to these.

That is human nature that people come after you willingly enough provided only that you no longer love or want them.

Now, that’s funny but not something that you want to base your life on.

Let’s see here.

As per usual trouble comes in several directions at once.

Oh, man. And of course, Murphy’s Law here is if something can go wrong, it will.

Now, just kind of as a little experiment. I don’t want you to do this much. I just want you to do it a little bit if it feels right. I want you to feel what this feels like because when I was looking at these just to find some quotes, because I couldn’t remember a lot of these, I wanted to find some quote that I could share with you to kind of get this point across. So I Googled it. I found a few pages of quotes which I have been reading. I just noticed, even though I was light-hearted about it and even though I was doing it for a reason to record a podcast. The more I read those, I probably read like maybe 15 or 20, the more the energy in my body started feeling sapped. I started feeling energy kind of draining out. I bet you. My wife and I do kinesiology. We do muscle testing a lot and we’ve done that for years and years. And I bet you if I said one of those things while my wife was muscle tested me that my arm would go down. Because I don’t feel any power or strength saying those. As a matter of fact I start feeling weaker and tired and negative. Almost like I want to clear myself with sager or something.

If you doubt what I’m saying is true. Google Murphy’s Law and read 5 or 10 Murphy’s Law quotes. Even if they’re funny. Just start really really tuning to how you feel.

I have a feeling that if you listen to my podcast and you’re drawn to this kind of work, you’re probably a pretty sensitive individual that feels this stuff and you’re a singer. You’re a singer that’s sensitive already. But you’re also into this other kind of inner work which makes you double sensitive, right?

If you doubt me and even if you don’t, just for fun, do that. And see how your energy feels before and after. I didn’t think of this until just now but afterwards the ones that you read that make you feel however you end up feeling, you go back and look at those and reword them and make them the opposite.

Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Everything goes right for me. Or the universe is on my side.

Whatever feels good. Tweaked it a little bit in the other direction and see how that makes you feel. Because there is a lot of, I don’t wanna say power, because it really has no power whatsoever in those words, but the power comes from the story we tell unconsciously about those words and thoughts and beliefs that we take into an unconscious or unconscious brain. Then begin to tell an unconscious story about them that can play out in our life. And why in the world would we want to do that, right? We do that enough. We do that enough unconsciously without plastering or refrigerator with close by Murphy’s law quotes.

That’s just something that I wanted to say. The other thing if I have another thing that I wrote down just for today. Which gonna be a short podcast today. Just kind of get things going again.

The other thing I said, No, I’ll say this. Some of you may not agree because people have real logical reasons to disagree with this statement. But I’m going to tell you. If you want to remain joyful and bring your best self to your singing and your artistry. Here we go. Are you sitting for this? Because you may not like this.

STOP WATCHING THE NEWS. There you go. I said it. That is my invitation to you. Now many of you may not watch the news anyway. But many of you might.

I work with a gal one time. Wonderful singer. I could not get her off a steady diet of watching the news. She loved watching the news. Young gal. Loves to watch the news. Great voice. Really good songwriter. Wanted to have a career. And was always really depressed and wasn’t believing what I was telling her about her voice.

I asked her. How much do you watch?

In the morning. I watch it now. Listen to the radio in the car and my mother-in-law does the same thing.

Oh my gosh. So if you want to get real negative in your life and you want to start thinking that everything is really really horrible and you want to carry that into your voice then watch the news- a lot.

If you wanted to shift much more into a Peter Diamandis mindset. Where there are a lot of amazing things going on in the world. Even though there’s some hideous things going on in the planet that we don’t want to pretend aren’t there. That would be ridiculous. But watching them and taking a steady diet full of those things is not even good for the planet. It’s not good for us.

Like in the plane. You get on the plane and they said they’re going to the whole thing and they say, in the unlikely event of loss of cabin pressure this oxygen mask will fall down. If you’re with a kid or with a child, put yours on first before you attend to your child.

A lot of us, I don’t anymore, watch the news because we feel we should know about these things. We feel like it’s really important. We really feel the depths of all these things are going on.

I say that if we don’t keep ourselves in a little bit more of a light place by not watching the news on a regular basis. Not feeling our minds with this. Then we are not able to uphold our own consciousness, our own awareness, which ultimately is what is going to save the planet. It’s not stopping global warming or anything like that. It is actually sleeping on the side of the street. Behaving ourself reminding our own consciousness. Managing our own brain chemistry and taking it further than that. Staying in an atmosphere of joy where we are open to all the wonderful things that are actually going on.

Yeah, baby, I’m back. But I don’t know. You could be sitting here thinking this has nothing to do with singing. But you know what? Yes, it does because it has to do with life and life has to do with singing.

So short on little podcast today just to get back in the groove and have some fun. I hope you enjoyed this if you have any quotes of Murphy’s Law, which you probably don’t, but if you do take them off the refrigerator. Stop being really mindful and aware of the things that you say and the things others say to you. Don’t beat yourself up over it, at all. Just be aware always. Just create the awareness.

I was going in for a dental procedure one time and the doctor was really really cool, really really funny. But in the consultation, he’s explaining what he was going to do. Then he actually said Murphy’s Law. He said that. It can honestly, it kind of shook me up. I didn’t cancel it. I went ahead with him. It’s very interesting. The procedure was a lot more difficult than he had anticipated it would be.

Now it was fine. I got through fine. It was okay. But he had some surprises during this thing. He had to dig a little and play a little and all this kind of stuff and it took longer and it’s very interesting.

I don’t think I’d want a dentist any more or a mechanic or anybody is doing a lot of work for me that is carrying around a belief that anything can go wrong, will go wrong. Because I don’t want to carry that belief. I don’t want you working on my stuff if you have that belief.

So anyway, this is kind of a little aside. I hope you enjoy this. I’m really really happy to be back. That’s really fun doing this again and they’ll be a lot more of these to come. They may be short and sweet like this one. This is man short but shorter and sweeter than usual and I hope you guys are all well. I really appreciate you and I’m thrilled that you listened.

If you find value in this. If you haven’t already head on over to iTunes and just leave an honest review and share the podcast if you feel that it’s worthy because I really like to get it out there now in 2018 and sort of recommitted to do this. I got all the websites back and I got up and running. I love doing this. I might as well get it out there and there you go.

So thrilled to be back. Hope you’re all well, and I will see you next time. Bye. Bye.

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