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Episode 67 – The MTP Process

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Everyone has a superpower – and this is mine. (at least one of them (-:

What is the MTP Process?

The very simple answer would be: Mindset – Technique – Performance

But it’s not that simple.

When treated as 3 separate disciplines you are missing a tremendous opportunity.

With the synergy of the 3 – there is magic!

The process of teaching all 3 is a process that I’ve “unconsciously” developed over many years now.

The fun of this is that I recently became “conscious” of this and now I can get even better at it!

As I bring consciousness to the process I become more aware of the nuances and how much these 3 seemingly separate things integrate to create something beyond what most ever achieve.

This has recently become very clear to me and I believe the story may help you find your Superpower – because you DEFINITELY have one!

Listen and enjoy. (-:

The Inner Singer Podcast

Episode 67 – Transcripts

The MTP Process

You’re listening to episode number sixty-seven.

Welcome to the Inner Singer Podcast, providing tools and techniques to strengthen your inner singer, your beliefs, your confidence, your mindset. And now, your host for the Inner Singer Podcast, Mike Goodrich.

Well, hey there everybody. This is my Mike Goodrich and just wanted to add a little tone to the 67, just for fun. Welcome to The Inner Singer Podcast here. I’m thrilled that you’re taking time out of your busy day to join me and listen to these thoughts and ramblings about the inner singer.

I’ve been doing some fun things lately. I hope you’re all well and doing some fun things as well and really enjoying what now is spring time. I guess at least in the hemisphere I’m in, right. America here. United States. Beautiful day out today about 80 degrees. As I look out at the orange tree. You had some cold weather believe it or not which is odd for Southern California. I think we’re pretty much out of it now.

I hope you guys are just doing really really well. Enjoying your singing. Enjoying your voices. Just having a great time.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a few things lately that have been really fun for me. I’m teaching right now, what I call the- high note accelerator program with some wonderful people right now. That are making amazing progress and I love doing it. It is an online program that actually made you again. It’s so much fun. I had the idea and put it together really quickly and have just got some wonderful participants making some great progress and it’s a lot of fun.

The main thing I wanted to talk about in this particular episode today is a process that I realized over the last many years that I have been teaching. I didn’t really even know I was doing it. And I’ll tell you, it was interesting. I had a coaching call where I was being coach by an entrepreneur that I particularly like because I want to start doing a lot more online. I teach Zoom lessons online, I have The Inner Singer product and what have you, but I really wanted to go taking the online space.

I’ve been dabbling in it for many years and I just have never taken it really seriously and I want to because it really strikes me as fun. And I’m really kind of into expanding more into the fun things that I enjoy doing.

I love private teaching but you know sitting behind a piano all the time with one student is great as long as that’s part of what you do, but for the last many years is pretty much been all of what I do. I teach classes in Los Angeles, performance classes, singer classes, technique classes, I teach that and do a lot of workshops and what have you to see different things online. But I really want to expand.

Anyway, having said that. We’ve working with somebody that is really sharp entrepreneur. He asked me What is it that you want to do? Tell me what you do, basically. So I explain doing exactly what I did. I said, right now I do The Inner Singer. Right in everything that I do is kind of based in that premise. Everything’s from the Inner Singer whether it’s technique or performance or the inner game.

It was interesting talking to somebody completely out of the field of music and explaining to him is very intuitive what I do. Then he said that, Well, tell me everything you do. I was talking about the mindset and I talked about technique and teaching technique for almost 30 years and performance. I have been teaching performance for last 15. Giving performance classes in Los Angeles, technique classes, mindset classes, all these things. I’m talking about all the stuff I do.

And he said that, I’m really picking up that The Inner Singer is limiting you. Because I just kind of feel that in your voice if you’re feeling limited by that.

It was really funny because he hit the nail on the head. He said what I was thinking. Although I really hadn’t become that clear on it, but I said to him, you know, you’re right. I do feel this limiting.

And he said, here’s what I think you should do or here’s what I would suggest.

He said, I would brand yourself Mike Goodrich and now be Mike Goodrich. Have the Inner Singer. Be the inner singer that host your podcast and you talk about the inner singer and what have you. Get a new website, I would actually get Michael but that somebody else has Michael. But Mike Goodrich is what everybody’s called me for years, so

He said, you know, and really teach what you teach. Really do what you do. He said, you teach the mindset and the technique in the performance and you bring all this together.

What I was explaining to him, how it work and what I did. I finally realized being really crazily candid right now. I finally realized what I do. I finally realized what my superpower is.

I really believe we all have superpower. I’m the first one to admit what I’m not good at. Have no problem with that. I have no ego when it comes to admitting what I’m not good at. But I have had kind of a reverse ego in admitting what I’m really really good at. I don’t know whether it’s my upbringing or training, old training. Whether people think it’s arrogant or egotistical or I’m not sure where I picked up that. But I picked up some baggage not to be overconfident and not to look immodest. All those kinds of things.

So anyway, he really pegged it. When I was explaining what I was doing he asked what my superpower is. What my super power really is I can just help singers with a whole lot of stuff. I can help him with the mindset, I can help with the technique and I can help me with the performance.

Sometimes in Los Angeles, I’ll teach a class at a songwriting school in Los Angeles, once in a while and they will have like an evening with Mike Goodrich. The community knows who I am out there so they will allow me to do what I do.

It won’t be specifically technique, mindset, or performance. It will be basically be the people will come and I’ll get them on stage one at a time whoever wants to work with me privately up on stage in front of everybody. They may come in thinking they need help with their high notes. They may come up thinking they need help with their performance or their confidence or whatever that will be through a song. Then I will intuitively kinda just feel what they need and they will trust me. They’ll go in that direction and the results are usually, really amazing.

And again, I’m not blowing my own horn because I’m really clear at what I’m not good at. But I’m really really clear now and even getting very clear in the recent months here. Over about my unique ability and that’s fine. It’s really really fun to get clear on what your unique ability is. To begin to voice it and to really begin to own it. Because I’ve been doing these things for years but I have not put them together in a system or a process.

And when he said to me, Mike, what you really do, you do like the MTP process. He goes mindset, technique and performance. It was funny cause I said to him, You know, that’s actually the order too.

Mindset has to come first, then the technique, and then the performance. Sometimes techniques and performance are slightly, I mean performance can may become second once in a while but the way I feel into it, the way I see it, the way I teach it, is pretty much MTP- mindset, technique and performance.

I want to talk to you just a little bit about the MTP process. Which is I’ve been doing for years and honestly didn’t realize it and haven’t named it. Well now, I’m naming it and now I’m taking it very very seriously as a very unique process.

The idea behind it really is it when you take mindset, technique and performance, you have three separate disciplines. There are a lot of people that teach technique and add a little performance or a little mindset. Or maybe they teach performance may try and add a little bit of technique.

But I don’t know anybody who has studied each independent discipline as much as I have. And have put them into practice as much as I do. Now, they’re certainly maybe people, I’m just not aware of any. It wouldn’t matter anyway because they wouldn’t do it like I do it and I won’t do it like they do it.

So for now, I’m really the only one that I know that is bringing all this together in an actual process. Where the three start out separately as separate disciplines. And it’s appropriate to address them as three separate disciplines to learn how to get your mindset right.

I love the word mindset but is tossed around a lot. I really prefer to think of it as getting your mind, set right. Not your mind set, right. But your mind, set right.

So you’re going in the proper direction. It’s going to be conducive to you. Really making a tremendous amount of progress with your singing. It’s all about getting your mind, set right.

Then you have to have a really stellar in solid vocal technique. That is completely bullet proof. You have to be able to rely on this all the time whether you feel like singing or not- and I teach that. And then the performance, you absolutely have to able to understand and interpret a lyric. Be present with an audience and more importantly be present with yourself. That’s something that I have spent years on. The joy of understanding those three separate disciplines and being able to work with people as three separate disciplines is great.

The magic happens when you begin to bring those three together and they ultimately become one.

You’re not going to be able to see these because it’s an audio program. But if you can imagine. I’ve created four different graphics, and you’ll be able to visualize this. I’ll put them somewhere on the website so you can see them. Makes a lot of sense.

Now the first graphic, has three separate circles that are not together in any way. There are three stand alone circles- one says mindset, one says technique, and one says performance.

Now the second one. Have you ever seen somebody draw three circles where they all kind of join and there’s one point where all three circles joined together. So I have those three and they’re all joining in a little space in the middle. That’s where they are all beginning to come together. And that would be the MTP process.

As you bring those circles closer and closer together, the area that integrates and intermingles between all three circles becomes greater. That is what happened as we expand more and more and more into this MTP process as the synergy of all three begin to create the magic. And eventually, all three of those as they come together, they come together into one Circle. They’re no longer three separate disciplines but they are one art form.

Now you can still separate them and work on them in isolated ways. But they have integrated in such a way that they are now something unto themselves. Where what is it the sum of the part is greater than the whole. I can’t remember that at all, but I do have a PhD friend that says that all the time. And I’m not going to edit that out cause you know me in editing. You know what I mean, ‘cause you know the cliché right. But anyway the three have become one, and the one is now an art form.

So that’s very exciting and I absolutely love teaching this way. I’ve been teaching this way for years. And the funny thing is, I didn’t realize it. Now, that I realize and I know what the heck I’m doing and how I teach, I can create more of a process out of it. Get better and better and better at it because I know what it is.

I’ve been doing it completely intuitively and I’m so grateful for this fellow for pointing out to me what I do. Isn’t that weird to have been doing something for so long. To have taking these three disciplines, integrated them and teaching them separately and together and as I backtrack in my mind over the lessons that I’ve given, I can see myself doing it now. It’s like aha moments. Of course, I’ve been doing that. Really really great to name that, put a process on it and begin talking about it.

I wanted to let you all know. First of, this is a new thing. It’s actually an old thing that I’m doing but it’s a new thing in the way that I’m approaching it. The way I’m speaking about it. That I am now consciously aware of doing it. And when I become conscious as I have become conscious of doing it, I immediately getting better at doing it. Because there’s an awareness, there’s a presence with it. It was really operating below the level of my consciousness. I would take somebody in this direction, to that direction and back to this direction, and it was very intuitive. In other words, I couldn’t teach anybody how I was doing that because I didn’t really know.

But now, I can see the process. I can see consciously how they relate to each other. Which is added a whole new dimensions of awareness to my teaching, which I’m really excited about. That’s why I wanted to make the podcast and share this with you. It’s not to blow my own horn at all. I hope it doesn’t sound like that. But it’s merely to tell you that I’ve been doing something for years that I didn’t know I was doing. And once I realized what I was doing, it was pointed out to me, I got a whole new way to look at it. A whole new enthusiasm for it. It opens up a whole new thing. For me, we’ve been doing it for so long. The temptation is really there to start getting really really bored. I mean, totally honest.

I don’t like teaching one thing. I couldn’t just keep technique for the next 25 years and be happy at all. But I can teach the MTP process because the variety that goes with teaching that, is amazing. I mean, I’m working a lyric one minute. I’m working technique another minute. I’m working performance in other minute, and I’m working mind set another minute. The variety is awesome and that the spice of life, right?

So, how can you all learn this or how can you all learn from this with your own life, with your own voice?

Well, one of the things I also did recently, was I really got on this idea of unique ability. Because we all have one. And you can think of it as a superpower, right? Because we’re all superheroes in our own way. So what’s your unique ability? What is your superpower? What’s something that delights you? What’s something that gets you excited and fascinated that you do for free, all the time?

Does it have to do with your voice? What kind of music would you sing? What do you love to sing? What do people love to hear you sing? What do you do all the time that you kind of take for granted that somebody could point out to you how special it is?

That’s what happened to me. I opened myself to this coaching session. Paid a decent amount of money for this guy. It was so unbelievably worth it. Because I was able to tell him and he’s not in singing business at all. I don’t even know if he can carry a tune. He’s not a singer at all. He’s a business guy. He’s an online guy. That’s his expertise.

I was going to him to see where is my place in this online business. There’s so many singing teachers. Countless singing teachers on YouTube. Some decent, some awful. So much out there. What soundbox do I want to play in? What do I want to do? And another thing he said, don’t be one of those. Create your own category. What is it that you really do? And then I explained it to him. And he said, that’s it. The MTP process, that’s your category. That’s what you do. That nobody else does like you do it.

So what do you guys do? What do you do that nobody does like you do it. What do you sing? What do you write? How do you perform? What do you do? That is your superpower that you may be taking for granted that nobody else does like you.

And you may have to ask them, but you may have to hire somebody. You may actually pay somebody to help you discover this. Because it might come so naturally to you that you take it for granted. You might be with so instinctively and intuitively that you just pay it no thought.

My suggestion is to discover what the heck it is. Make it your own and do it consciously and on purpose because you have a superpower. It’s your duty to discover what it is. If you don’t know what it is, ask people you trust or hire somebody you don’t know and then tell your story. 

Whatever feels right when you follow your instincts and your intuition. Whatever feels right in a way to discover your super power. But I highly recommend, you take the time to discover it. Because it’s there.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I hope this hasn’t been too self-indulgent. I was really really excited to tell you guys this and I hope it was inspiring in some way as well, because I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

If I can discover new nism, something I’ve been doing for thirty years and excitement and enthusiasm in a new way to do it. A new way to teach it for the next 25 years, I’m excited about that but I think there’s something to that.

So I would highly suggest you find out what your superpower is. Own it and put it out there. Okay, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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