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Episode 78 – Stop the Madness and Go Sing!

This is how to go to he next level as a singer…

This episode is probably more for intermediate and advanced singers and it’s for you if you’re:

1. Feeling like you want to sing out in the world but you’re not moving forward on it.

2. You’re stuck and are loosing your ambition and inspiration to sing.

3. You’re being told by friends and family that you sound really good and you should go sing or do a show.

4. You secretly want to go sing somewhere but you’re afraid because you don’t think you’re good enough.

5. The idea makes you uncomfortable and you’d rather just stay a student or sing at home.

If any of that is true then listen to this episode.

I promise it will give you some inspiration to take action.

Oh, and #6. If you don’t want to listen to it then that’s probably a good sign that you should. (-:


You can get my Free Singing Accelerator Video Series here:

It has 3 videos that will change your life and your voice if you use what I show you. I’m not exaggerating. (-:

Move toward your dreams and enjoy,


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