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Episode 84 – Become the Person Who Sings The Way You WANT to Sing!

If you’d like my personal coaching then contact me: 818-216-3944

I’ll help you finally master your voice when it comes to technique, mindset and performance. Guaranteed!

And yes, that is my number…text or call as I’m always on the look out for new and committed singers to work with!


There’s a reason great singers sing great…

It’s not just technique or stage presence or charisma!

It’s because somehow they became the person who sings great!

If they don’t they probably won’t be great for long.

Just like the person who wins the lottery looses or blows through all the money if they don’t become the person who has a lot of money!

That’s a fact…and as a matter of fact the statistic is %85 loose the money!

We can hope that’s not true but the truth is…it is true.

Before I didn’t sing well, I was the guy who ‘tried everything but still couldn’t sing well’!

That was my singing identity.

Don’t let that be yours…you have a choice!

Listen and enjoy and do this stuff.

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