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Episode 86 – Meet Gregg Goodhart - The Learning Coach

Today you're going to meet a man who will take your skill to the next level!

His name is Gregg Goodhart and he's know all over the world as The Learning Coach

I've seen Gregg's work and it's mind blowing!

I believe his work is the 'missing link' in what's taught today to singers/musicians, athletes and academics.

From Gregg's website:

"We’ve had the good sense over the years to separate out areas of study like theory, ear training and history into their own areas of development.

Yet we leave most of the study of how to work while practicing/learning, the single most important factor in developing skill at any level, to the student to figure on their own!

The few that figure it out and do it regularly seem exceptionally talented."


In my 31 year teaching career this is the most profound work I've ever seen on mastering the art of practicing.

What Gregg shows you will expedite and accelerate your progress as a singer!

I recommend you get his info immediately.

Get his Cracking the Talent Code (it's FREE) and it's great...I got it!

Gregg's website is:

If you'd like my help with your singing you can call or text me.

818-216-3944 (Yes, this is my actual cell number). I'm here to help.

And, I'm always on the look out for new and committed singers to work with!


And do this stuff. I promise you this will work if you 'play' with it.

Yes, Play with it.😊

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